etiBash – dedicated social events for 2024

  • 29/02/2024

After attending so many inspiring events over the years, etiCloud has launched etiBash, its very own series of information networking events that are happening in various cities across the UK this year.

Explains Tom Speddings, senior business development manager for etiCloud: “The inaugural etiBash  – eti Business Associates Social Hour – took place in Sheffield in January. We were delighted to welcome over 90 of our peers and partners to the event. It was a huge success with so many positive comments from those who attended.

“If you’re able to attend one of our forthcoming etiBash events you can expect great company, a bite to eat and a drink (or two). It’s all about bringing like-minded people together and chewing the fat. No sales patter, just a good old fashioned get together.”

Continues Tom: “You’ll all be pleased to know that next on our list of cities to visit is Manchester! We’re hosting an etiBash at Manahatta on Deansgate on Thursday 21st March 2024.

“If you’d like to know more, or you’d like to book a place, please don’t hesitate to email me: [email protected] or call: 07787163702. I look forward to seeing you and your colleagues at an etiBash very soon!”