Take Part in updating the UK’s national risk assessment

  • 03/05/2024

HM Treasury and the Home Office are updating the UK’s national risk assessments on money laundering and terrorist financing and proliferation financing. The government is looking for private sector input to help update the risk assessment, last updated in 2020.

Risk and Compliance Questions and Answers

Law firms regulated by the Money Laundering Regulations 2017 should consider the national risk assessment when creating a practice-wide risk assessment.

The risk assessment depends on evidence, assessments and case studies from across government, law enforcement, supervisors and the private sector.

Private sector information informs government’s understanding of the risks in each sector and improves the effectiveness of compliance activity.

How to take part

HM Treasury and the Home Office are looking for information from 2020 to now on money laundering and terrorist financing threats.

Where you are providing information to both, clearly separate these in your answers.

Wherever possible, provide supporting data, statistics and case studies. Anecdotal information, such as personal opinion or testimony, cannot be used.

State if you cannot answer a question due to lack of information or understanding.

When responding, state what sort of firm you are and the services you offer.

Separate questions are available to provide information on proliferation financing since 2021, where HM Treasury and the Home Office would welcome information.

Respond to the questionnaire by Thursday 30 May.

All information provide will be treated confidentially.

Any statistics or case studies you provide will be anonymised and your permission will be sought before quoted.

If your data or information is operationally or commercially sensitive, HM Treasury and Home Office can discuss alternative means of information sharing to protect sources.

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