Bail Information Service Update (BIS)

  • 17/08/2023

We have been asked by Denis McGlade, Project Implementation Support Manager at Bail Information Service to circulate the following information.


National and local context

The Bail Information Services received funding for a national roll out in April of this year. They will initially be putting a Bail Information Officer (BIO) in Manchester City, Blackburn and Liverpool Magistrates Courts. BIO’s will also be in place at HMP’s that serve those Courts. Wider roll out of the service will be subject to a national recruitment campaign.


The Bail Information Officer role

The role of the Bail Information Officer is to provide relevant, objective, and information to the Court to assist decisions regarding bail. It is important to note that they do not advocate bail but gather and provide information to assist that decision making process.

The BIO will seek verification of any proposed bail address and complete Domestic abuse and Safeguarding enquiries where relevant. They will pull together effective bail packages for the Court to consider and make referrals to alternative accommodation providers for the purposes of bail where eligible. The Bail Information Officer will contact other agencies and check Probation records to gather the information that may be of assistance to the Court. A collaborative approach with CPS and Defence Solicitors will be important for the effective targeting of cases that would most benefit from this service.


Manchester Magistrates Court

The Bail Information Officer for Manchester Magistrates Court is currently in training and is anticipated to be in role by mid September.

Further information will be circulated in due course.