Law Firms in Manchester are urged to protect their data from cybercriminals

  • 26/01/2023

The North West Cyber Resilience Centre (NWCRC) has warned that law firms continue to face cyber attacks, particularly ransomware and phishing, as cyber criminals’ methods become increasingly sophisticated.

Head of Cyber & Innovation at the NWCRC, Detective Inspector Dan Giannasi, said: “Cyber attacks and cyber-enable fraud against firms are an increasing concern. The risk of directed attacks increases in the legal sector due to the sensitive nature of civil and criminal law data. Recent attacks have highlighted the financial and reputational dangers to law firms and the wider risk of client data being exposed.”

As well as data loss, law firms still face other fraudulent activity online like any other business. In a recent example, fraudsters pretended to be a firm by accessing the company email account and were able to instruct clients to make payments into false accounts.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority’s most recent report showed that 75% of the firms included in the report had been the target of a cyber attack. In 77% of the cases which directly targeted firms, more than £4m of client money was stolen.

The NWCRC is a police-led collaboration bringing together police, the private sector and academia to build cyber resilience in small and medium-sized businesses across the North West. The NWCRC now has over 600 members and continues to grow year after year. The centre offers free membership with access to resources and templates alongside affordable cybersecurity services tailored for small businesses.

Dan added, “Organisations must look closely and understand their cyber security. Preparing your organisation for the potential of a cyber attack is vital to reduce the risk of it happening and minimise the impact if it does. By becoming a member of the NWCRC, you gain access to a range of resources to help you with this process and regular threat updates from policing and national agencies.”

To find out more about the North West Cyber Resilience Centre and to learn more about their Cyber Security Services available to law firms, visit:


About the North West Cyber Resilience Centre:

The NWCRC is a police-led venture that works with businesses across all sectors to grow and strengthen their resilience to online crime. The centre formed a national network across England and Wales as part of the HM Government National Cyber Strategy 2022. Alongside free membership, the organisation offers a range of cyber security services delivered by a team of trusted professionals, seconded police officers and innovative, ethical hackers. They work with academia, the private and public sectors, and leading cyber organisations to offer local businesses the best training, guidance and services.


About DI Dan Giannasi:

Dan Giannasi is a Detective Inspector seconded to the NWCRC, with 16 years of experience specialising in digital and cyber crime with Greater Manchester Police and the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit (NWROCU).

Dan works closely with the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit’s Head of Fraud and Cybercrime DCI Chris Maddocks. Their role sees them support all five police forces in the North West in providing accessible, consistent, government-backed support and training to businesses of all sizes across the North West.