The Queen of the Ocean – A Titanic Dining Experience Manchester 23-26 February

  • 24/01/2023

The Queen of the Ocean is an immersive theatre event, a poignant and unique experience, based on the final 24 hours of the RMS Titanic. Serving up a 4 course meal which is based on the final meal served on board on the Titanic on 14th of April 1912, we take you on a journey through Ocean Class liners, a world of elegance and opulence, world class cuisine, and ultimately a tragic and heartfelt tribute to the 1503 men women and children that lost their lives.


The evening is hosted by Captain Edward Smith and the First Class Stewardess Mabel Bennet along with fictitious characters who worked on board the ship. As the Titanic sets sail from the Docks the excitement of the passengers and crew is electric as first class diners enjoy dinner, as the evening unfolds the mood changes as the fate of the Captain and his crew looks tragic.


Manchester has its own links to the Titanic and that fateful night: A man who opened a kosher delicatessen in the area of Cheetham Hill, north Manchester, was Joseph Abraham Hyman a survivor of the Titanic disaster. He was 34 when he boarded the third-class deck on the Titanic in Southampton, leaving his wife and four children in Manchester. The ticket cost him £7 and 17 shillings. On 14th of April 1912 when the ship hit the iceberg, he ended up in Collapsible Lifeboat C – one of the last to leave the ship! On his return he bought a shop and named it Titanics. Unfortunately the shop no longer exists.


The show is coming to The Midland Hotel, Manchester from February 23rd to February 26th and tickets start at £64.


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