Manchester Law Society Ambassadors

  • 24/11/2022



The Officers and Council are here to represent you, our members, and see you as stakeholders in everything that we do. All of the work conducted behind the scenes by the Officers, Council and, indeed, our committees, is done on your behalf and for your benefit.

We are driven by our values:

  • We are inclusive
  • We are caring
  • We act with integrity and transparency
  • We are connected to our members and to each other

Our objective is to continue to strengthen the Society and we want to do this with the input of our members.

To help with having a better-connected membership, and to ensure that each firm is getting as much out of their membership as they can and we address the issues facing you and your firm, we would like to identify one person from each corporate member firm to be a Manchester Law Society Ambassador.

Your firm’s Ambassador would be our main point of contact and would be an information conduit between your firm and the Society, including:

  • the work of our Committees – Crown & Magistrates Court, Civil Litigation, Employment, Equality Diversity & Inclusion, Family, Legal Education, Membership, Messenger Editorial, Private Client, Property, Regulation
  • any consultation paper responses to the Law Society, SRA, Ministry of Justice which we are embarking on to protecting our members’ interests
  • discussions with local MPs and Councillors
  • work we are doing to promote members to all aspects of the local business and civil community
  • the Manchester Legal Awards
  • our social, networking and education events
  • the work of our Special Interest Groups, including our COLP/COFA/MLRO Forum, Greater Manchester Pro Bono Steering Group, Future Stars Programme and Social Mobility Programme
  • the contents of the Messenger and weekly e-newsletter.

Our Manchester Law Society Ambassadors’ Forum will be a networking and thought-leadership generating group who will meet with the Officers, Council and Chairs of our Committees twice a year to help us develop solutions to the challenges we face as an industry and the future promotion of the Manchester legal community.  We will be seeking their input in helping us to identify activities that they feel will be of greatest value to our membership and ensure that your firm’s voice is heard.

Our MLS ambassadors will be enthusiastic, active and engaged members of the Society who will act as the key contact for the MLS within your firm. We hope that our Ambassadors will directly experience and showcase the benefits of membership, promote the work of the Society, and encourage their colleagues to get involved. The Ambassadors will also benefit from increased contact with the Manchester Legal community and a better understanding of the opportunities that exist for your firm as a result of being a member of MLS.

We are asking all Corporate Members to nominate one person from their firm to be their MLS Ambassador.  We will be holding a meeting with all of our Ambassadors, the Officers of the Society and the Chairs of all of our Committees to discuss their role, let them know about the work of the Council and all of our Committees and how your firm can become more involved and get the best out of its membership.

Our Ambassadors will be key to helping the Society grow, develop and increase the visibility of the legal community in Greater Manchester and beyond.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please let us and your Managing or Senior Partner know.

Many thanks for your continued help and support.  It really is greatly appreciated.

Warmest Regards


Fran Eccles-Bech
Chief Executive
Manchester Law Society