Advice from the Law Society on using MyHMCTS portal

  • 05/05/2022

When using the portals, it is essential that users select their own firm (and any firm represented by the other party) by using the ‘search for an organisation’ function.

Users can only search for organisations already registered with HMCTS.  Only one address can be registered for an organisation (for a multi office firm this may well be a different address than the office you are dealing with).

When searching for an organisation, try to search for a unique part of the organisation name, rather than using ‘LLP, Solicitors or Ltd’ in the search field.  Type in the first part of the organisation name and use Ctrl and F (on your keyboard) to use the browser search function.  If searching by post code, do not leave a space between the 2 parts so rather than DE1 2MO, use DEM12O.  (If dealing with a multi office firm, please check with them which address/postcode they have registered on HMCTS.
By using the search feature in this way and selecting the organisation, the case will be automatically allocated to the correct organisations and once assigned, can be shared within that firm across other registered colleagues.

Failure to search and select in this way will impact on service and response times, slowing progress.