New newsletter sponsor Shard Capital

  • 07/04/2022


We are delighted to introduce our new weekly newsletter sponsor for the next 12 months, Shard Capital.

Learn about who they are and how you can work together below.





Shard Capital is a leading wealth manager offering investment, dealing, and capital market services to private, corporate and institutional clients.

Founded in 2010 as an institutional fixed income broker, we have evolved into an organisation with over 90 professionals, and whilst we are an established business, we still maintain an entrepreneurial mentality in our approach.

Private Client Investment Management lies at the heart of what we do. It is driven not only by forging lasting bonds with our clients, but also a network of professional partners.  In both cases, those relationships are built on mutual trust and a desire to add value in as many ways as we can. A human business, with an aim to excel and a focus on service, not size.



The diverse nature of Shard Capital’s business is one of its main assets and core strengths. Whilst it is unlikely our clients have interests in all our areas of expertise, it is routine for them to experience the benefits of that diversity first-hand.

This wealth of experience provides us our “edge”. Our ability to take the temperature of the investment universe more frequently and from more vantage points. An “edge” which other wealth managers don’t have. And because the firm is independently owned, it is completely agnostic when it comes to investment outlook and fund selection, meaning it can focus purely on client satisfaction rather than shareholder returns.

Beautifully simple, yet wonderfully different.




Shard Capital’s investment management services cater for high-net-worth individuals as well as retail clients. The common thread is a tailored approach, building solid client relationships to deliver the best results.



We all enjoy the idea of something made specifically for us. However, for the majority of our peers, the numbers supporting that stated approach no longer add up.

At Shard Capital, our Wealth Management Team do things a little differently. ‘Bespoke’ to us means experienced and empowered investment managers who take the time to understand client’s specific needs on either an advisory or discretionary basis.



This service helps clients implement investment strategies which also take into account other complex issues including cross-border tax. Operating under our LeifBridge brand, this service is led by dedicated Investment Managers who understand the specific challenges faced by US persons living in the UK



Shard Capital’s award-winning stockbroking team has specialist small cap expertise and provides financial advice and services to private clients.

The team offers discretionary, advisory and execution only services which range over UK and international equities, CFDs and collective investments. Where appropriate, clients are also able to participate directly in smaller company fundraisings or placements ordinarily reserved for institutional investors, at institutional prices. Accounts cater for all investor types, with broking services available either online or over the phone.

And for execution only clients, the ShardGO online trading platform covers more than 30,000 instruments across global stocks, CFDs, Futures and Options.



Richard Bacon

Office: +44 (0)203 971 7000

Direct: +44 (0)755 991 0877

[email protected]

Shard Capital, 23rd Floor,

20 Fenchurch St, London, EC3M 3BY