Would you like your voice heard?

  • 10/02/2022

Photo by Will Francis on UnsplashThe MLS EDI committee invite you to take part in an exciting new podcast project. We will be discussing three topics separately: disability, gender and social mobility in the legal profession – all through the lens of “bringing your whole self to work” and the successes and failures we have experienced along the way. We also want to be as intersectional as possible in our conversation, so are particularly interested in finding speakers who have a multiple barriers to an historically “typical” legal career.


Faced with questions such as “where do you ski?” “what does your husband think about that?” “where are you really from?” and “what is wrong with you?” inclusion hasn’t always been at the forefront of the agenda in the legal workplace.  As workplace discussions evolve, we are aiming to bring together passionate, vocal individuals who can share their lived experiences and talk confidently about the positives and negatives they have experienced in their career. We really want these experiences to empower and uplift – showing how much has already changed and what more we need to do to improve.


If you or anyone in your network would be interested in participating, please email [email protected]  We can then provide more information and will be working to curate some great discussions between individuals from across the Manchester legal scene.