LawCare’s Big Give Christmas Challenge

  • 02/12/2021

From noon on November 30 to noon on December 7, any donation you make to LawCare via their page on the Big Give website will be doubled from a matched pot of funding they have already secured. One donation, double the impact!

LawCare have recently published the largest study on legal mental health in the UK, Life in the Law, which shows that legal professionals are under strain and at significant risk of burnout. Living and working during the pandemic has also had an impact on mental wellbeing with 59% of respondents indicating they were worried about the additional pressures on their work life balance.

“LawCare have significantly helped in my recovery from depression. I believe I experienced mental health issues almost solely as a result of working in an unhappy environment within law. Thanks to LawCare, I am in a much better place in my journey to recovery and hope that my new role is much better for the new me.”

LawCare want this research to be the catalyst for us to come together as a profession to create change. We want to challenge the stigma that surrounds speaking up about mental health and prevents people from accessing the support that we and others provide. We want to create a culture in law that puts the law’s greatest asset – it’s people – first.

“As a Solicitor you are almost expected to have the answers.  When I called LawCare I was at a complete loss as to who to turn to and I certainly had none of the answers. I was overworked, stressed and spent every morning dreading waking up.  I had asked for annual leave which had been refused on the basis of us being too busy despite me regularly working 16 hour days.  I spent my entire first year as a newly qualified Solicitor wondering why I was putting myself through a Training Contract. The person I spoke to at LawCare took the time to calm me down as I cried down the phone, they explained my options. When I called LawCare I had seriously thought about committing suicide. Within minutes of my call LawCare explained that the position I was in was completely unreasonable and suddenly I begun to feel like I had choices and I did not have to put up with the situation I was dealing with nor should I have to suffer for my job.  My only criticism of LawCare is that I did not know they existed sooner. I truly believe I would not be alive now had I not been able to pick up the phone and speak to LawCare when I did. I am now in regular therapy, working at an understanding, caring firm and I recommend LawCare to everyone I know.”

 Please help us to provide much needed support to legal professionals.

  • £25 can help us train a helpline volunteer
  • £40 provides emotional support to one legal professional in need
  • £50 pays for a one hour counselling session
  • £120 provides ongoing peer support to a legal professional in need

You can donate here

LawCare acknowledge donations on their social media channels and send donors social media tiles that they can use to publicise they have supported the campaign.

LawCare have been providing emotional support to the legal community since 1997 – and in the lead up to their 25th anniversary next year, they are working on an ambitious strategy to turn their research findings into action to improve the culture in law and expand the support they provide. Be part of making that happen, by being a LawCare star this Christmas and donating to their Big Give campaign.

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