Recovery in the Greater Manchester Crown Courts

  • 29/06/2021

His Honour Judge Nicholas Dean QC, His Honour Judge John Potter and His Honour Martin Judge Walsh have, for some time been working on a plan for “Recovery” in Greater Manchester.

“Recovery” really refers to the elimination of the backlog of work caused by covid and some pre-covid factors, but in their view it is vital that they ensure they manage new incoming work effectively and efficiently so that as the backlog of work is eliminated, all cases in our Crown Courts are dealt with within acceptable timescales, and of course to the highest standards.

This will not be achieved without the change in culture the BCM scheme was intended to bring about, and so a large part of the recovery plan is devoted to a re-invigoration of BCM.  The judges are now equipped with a significant increase in sitting days and have additional staff and courtrooms. That and the anticipated relaxations of social distancing should mean they can soon increase the numbers of trials they list.

To read a copy of the “Recovery” in the Greater Manchester Crown Courts Plan please click HERE