Don’t miss Shieldpay’s new podcast episode with Anthony Rose of SeedLegal

  • 27/05/2021

MLS Advantage member Sheildpay have a fascinating new episode of their podcast Shieldcast out now.

Host Geoff Dunnett is joined by SeedLegals Founder and CEO, Anthony Rose, to talk about his experiences co-founding and successfully growing a legaltech company (with no legal experience) and to discuss the standardisation of deals, covering:

  • Why and how funding rounds have changed in recent years
  • To what extent documents and deal terms can be standardised
  • How to use the ‘software eats the world’ model
  • Why new tech companies need to consider the long-term impact and macro effects of their products/services
  • What to consider when expanding product offering and new features

Listen to the episode for more

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