MLS Advantage’s Docutech secures £7million contract with leading UK retailer

  • 26/05/2021

MLS Advantage partner Docutech Office Solutions, the Manchester-based document management system provider, has secured a £7million, three-year contract to supply a cost-saving digital infrastructure to a UK leading retailer.

The company has developed Docuflo – a bespoke document management system – to optimize the retailer’s warehouse processes and manage its warehouse inventory. The software also underpins its loss prevention strategy, stock control and workflow processes across its HQ, ten warehouses and some 220 high street outlets nationwide.

Docutech’s brief was to develop a software system that would make processes more efficient and effective, reduce retail shrinkage and improve the management of vehicles and deliveries – from suppliers into warehouses, to stores and to its headquarters. Transparency, visibility and ease of use were other essential components of the brief.

Renowned for developing platforms to track and trace documents in the workplace, this particular contract takes Docutech’s capabilities to the next level – to tracking and tracing products in an innovative and compliant way.

Docutech Managing Director Jason Dixon said: “We know that UK businesses wasted thousands of hours each year on poor processes. Factor in the growth of e-commerce – which increased by 40% in the UK last year – bringing with it unprecedented demands on the pick, pack and ship process. This really must be faster and more accurate than ever, simply because of the sheer quantity of sales being processed.

“Another key area that our retailer clients also want to tackle is employee theft, which accounts for more than 22% of retail shrinkage, with 18% of overall retail shrinkage coming from crime targeting suppliers and warehouses. All of these things considered, it’s easy to see just how costly it can be to not have the right digital infrastructure in place.

“This particular retail client came to us with a number of issues to remedy, and we developed a solution to meet its exact requirements. Efficiencies and cost savings are already being reaped and we’re now talking about developing additional functionality to the system such as e-signatures and automation processes, as it’s implemented across the organisation and further requirements are identified.”

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