How can MPS Legal help Manchester Law Society members working remotely ensure there is no breach in compliance and security?

  • 30/10/2020

MPS Legal – The new way to outsource Legal Documentation

Scan to us through a unique encryption and we will print and deliver securely:

The size of the space law firms are currently working in has reduced significantly due to COVID-19 but often the workload has remained the same, this can mean large quantities of print can be required. With limited space from your home working environment MPS Legal can help by offering the ability to send documents via a secure encrypted file transfer where they can be printed via one of our inhouse printing bureaus. Dependant on the nature of the document and the specific time and security requirements, the documents can then be franked and posted, or hand delivered due to the strain on Royal mail and courier services.


Access mail in a secure and time critical solution via our Secure Mailrooms:

We understand that Law Firms have many ways of receiving information, whether that is a signed letter of intent from a client or medical records sent directly from a doctor’s surgery. This can mean many trips to the office to sort through this post and where possible re-distribute to the various members of staff that would need access.

MPS Legal provides solutions for the automation of incoming mail processes. Using document scanning and document capture technologies, we digitise incoming mail and automate the classification and distribution of mail for your organisation. Both paper and electronic mail (email) can be managed through the same process allowing our customers to standardise their internal mail distribution procedures and adhere to company compliance policies.

Many companies still believe that they are legally bound to archive some documents as paper for a certain time, such as accounting documents or contracts. According to a recent survey by AIIM, legal admissibility of scanned documents is still seen as an issue in over a quarter of businesses. However, the reality is that these rules only apply to a small minority of documents. Most digitised documents are now legally admissible in a court of law. The British Standard, BS 10008 “Evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic information” covers this in detail.

The Process:

  • Receipt of Inbound Mail
  • We open and sort documents by type.
  • Cheques are securely banked on your behalf.
  • Documents are prepared and scanned using Opex scanners
  • Data can be automatically extracted from your documents using intelligent data capture software.
  • The digital Documents are indexed in line with customer requirements
  • A robust QA process inspects the quality of the digital images and the information captured
  • Digital documents are uploaded to your document management system

Journey to Paperlite:

Helping organisations to evolve overtime is the ultimate goal, we aim to show how by becoming conscious of printing and the processes surrounding it you can reduce costs, reduce your companies environmental impact and gain complete control and accountability of the way you receive and share documents and data. MPS Legal can offer you our Journey to Paperlite solution, this means that long after the current restricts after lifted you will maintain the ability to print whilst giving you full security and accountability.

No matter your requirements, we can help with all your outsourced print needs

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