• 19/06/2020


Please see below for three announcements from the Probate Service.

1.   The Probate Service have recently developed a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ guide to assist you and your colleagues in using HMCTS’ probate service.

They have compiled your feedback, both in respect of the new PA1A, PA1P and PA8A forms released in March, and the online service. The document captures the main points that have been raised in the past months, and they hope this provides some clarification to assist you in using the new forms and the online service.

You can find the FAQ document HERE.

Please be aware that they may send out updated versions of the document with updated guidance, so please be aware of this.  If we receive any major announcements in regard to the probate service, we will of course ensure these changes are communicated to you.

The Probate Service appreciate that you may have questions or further feedback to give. Please ensure you read the document closely to ensure that you direct your query to the right place. If you have any questions related to ongoing applications, please continue to use the normal channels. .

For further information on how to apply online please use this link.

2.   Please click on the link HERE to see where to send your probate applications to

3.  The Probate Service have asked that we bring the important information below about completing the new PA1P and PA1A forms to the attention al all our Probate professional practitioners.  The Probate Service have received a number of new applications where the name of the Solicitor and firm lodging the application is missing, which is causing a delay.

Q 1.20 – it is imperative that legal representative details are completed if the ‘Yes’ box is ticked. Failure to do so creates an error when the forms are processed leading to a delay in cases being created.