• 02/05/2020

A 2nd note will be circulating to the financial remedy judges (making clear that it is not guidance and certainly not intended to interfere with their judicial discretion) and the divorce team at the CJC.

Would members please note the key headline messages His Honour Judge Haigh would like to get across to practitioners, which are:

1. Please improve hit the rate (50% presently) with filing AQ’s. Manchester’s AQ is attached. It gets the case allocated quicker and to the correct level of judge.

2. Please communicate better with each other if there are problems in compliance with case management directions and let the court know much earlier. Too many hearings are being adjourned off at the 11th hour. This is affecting listing timelines. Our ability to give early hearing dates is hampered if cases already listed are rendered ineffective at the last minute.

3. Use where you can the accelerated procedure for first appointments.

4. Cooperate with each other and think creatively and don’t be afraid to suggest to the court how disputed issues final or interim can be proportionately and fairly adjudicated upon.

5. It’s better to email the court than ring and will help the staff get through their work quicker.

Temporary working guidance No 2_

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HHJudge Mark Haigh
Circuit Judge Manchester Family Court
Lead Judge Greater Manchester Financial Remedies Court