Important information regarding probate fees

  • 25/07/2019

Dear Solicitor,

On the 1st July ‘19 an amendment to Probate courts fees was laid by way of statutory instrument under THE COURT FEES (MISCELLANEOUS AMENDMENTS) ORDER 2019 – 2019 No. 1063 (L. 7) ( and will come into force on Monday 22 July ‘19.

The amended fees order makes changes to the copy document fees charged within Probate which are outlined in the table attached .

Please Note: – The standing search fee remains at £10 to enter the search. Any additional copies will be charged at £1.50.

Forms and Leaflets

We have updated our intranet pages,, leaflets and forms (PA3 and PA1S) to reflect these changes these will be available to use from Monday 22nd July and will inform members of the public wishing to make personal applications of the changes to the fees.

Payment on Account

Payment by Account has been updated with the new fees.

Applications received before and after 22nd July ‘19

For those applications dated Monday 22nd July 19, the new fee should be paid, the date of receipt is definitive as to which payment level is applied to it.

If you apply with the incorrect fee the probate service will reject the application and will return all documentation and request that you resubmit with the correct fee. We are taking this approach to ensure that we can continue the work over the last weeks to address the arrears in the service and in doing so this will support the processing of your application sooner as we are forecasting our resource to process fresh applications in date order and most of our resource is focussed to that end. your patience through this period continues to be appreciated.