Take the plunge for Greater Manchester Youth Network at the Great North Swim

  • 23/05/2019
Dear swimmers and potential swimmers!
Our friends at Greater Manchester Youth Network have a few places left for the Great North swim from Friday 7th June-Sunday 9th June.
They are asking swimmers for a registration fee of £10, and then to raise as much as you can for the vulnerable young people they work with across Greater Manchester. There is no minimum (or maximum!) – but they ask that swimmers are mindful that the places cost the charity over £60.
You will receive help and support along the way, plus the very valuable feelgood vibes you will get by really helping some young people in care get the support they need
More info here: https://www.gmyn.co.uk/main/2019/03/01/fancy-taking-the-plunge-with-team-gmyn-this-summer/
Sign up here: https://gmyn.nutickets.com/54950183