Invitation to a Roundtable on a Sector Deal for the Professional and Business Services Sector

  • 18/02/2019

An invitation to a roundtable on a Sector Deal for the Professional and Business Services Sector hosted by the Professional and Business Services Sector Deal Research Group.

A key component of the Government’s Industrial Strategy, Sector Deals are partnerships between Government and business to address sector-specific issues which will help to raise productivity, employment and competitiveness. Other sectors, such as automotive, life sciences, creative industries and aerospace have already agreed a Sector Deal with Government.

The Professional and Business Services Sector is a large, successful but somewhat fragmented part of the British economy, incorporating such diverse elements such as accountancy, legal services, consultancy and advertising.  It accounts for 11 per cent  of UK GVA and its exports, growing at an annual average rate of 6 per cent, are far exceeding national trade performance. The Sector is highly productive but also acts as an enabler to other parts of the economy by providing advice for those firms to grow, become more competitive and raising productivity levels for the whole of the British economy.

The Sector Deal is a means of securing long term engagement with government to ensure that the Sector maintains and enhances its competitiveness, expands its exports and diffuses higher productivity throughout all parts of the economy.

The Research Group doesn’t want to see the Deal written and approved in Central London, with no consideration of the distinctiveness of other parts of the economy. That being the case, it is embarking on a process of consultation and discussion throughout all nations and regions of the UK.

I hope that you will therefore be able to attend and contribute to a discussion on what the Sector Deal should address and how it can be relevant and meaningful to you and your business activities. The discussion will take place on 28/02/19 from 2pm- 4pm at Manchester Arup Offices (6th Floor, 3 Piccadilly Place, Manchester M1 3BN).

We look forward to your response to this invitation.  However, if you are unable to make it, please feel free to pass this on to another relevant member of your team. Please RSVP to Rosalia Wood by e-mailing [email protected] or by calling her on 0207 920 8788.