Blackstone Solicitors & Matrix 247 – an Advantage MLS founding member

  • 12/01/2018

With offices in London and Manchester, Blackstone Solicitors specialise in property and corporate legal services with an Iran desk enabling them to talk to many customers from different backgrounds.

Matrix247 are pleased to provide to the firm with a new Cloud Based telephone system with new colour screen handsets for all users for LESS than their previous VoIP solution, and provided Blackstone with a far superior, more resilient and feature rich platform to fit the needs and requirements of Blackstone Solicitors today, having expanded rapidly over the last few years.

The entire solution generated an instant saving of £330.00 and an annual saving of £1000+.

Blackstone previously operated both voice calls and broadband over a single connection which is NOT recommended. If this connection had failed, the firm would have lost both their internet and their phone lines. With the new system supplied Matrix247 installed a dedicated connection JUST for voice enhancing resiliency and enabling disaster recovery.

We also provided the following:

  • Fraud Protection to protect against telephony fraud
  • FREE calls to UK landlines and mobile
  • Mobile app included for employees who often work in Iran.
  • Engineering and training
  • Management and reporting statistics across all users
  • Flexible geographic numbering allowing you to move office and keep the same geographic number without any on-going call forwarding costs.
  • Flexible working
  • Business continuity
  • Disaster recovery