• 31/10/2017

In the Know- October 2017 Edition

Video Link Hearings

Work is currently taking place to install video link equipment in additional court rooms. These rooms are 6, 9, 15 and 17. Once the equipment is installed and tested we will move to having the video link hearings in court 15. It is hoped that with this move access to the conference booths will be improved as on video link days an usher can give access to those with booked hearings. It should also mean less movement around the building for you.

Probation Reports & Unpaid Work Assessments

The National Probation Service has introduced a new assessment tool for any case referred to them. The tool takes around 90 minutes to complete in addition to the time taken to meet with your clients and compile an oral report for court. This is likely to mean that it will take longer for the Probation team at court to prepare on the day reports. In addition, as the tool must be used in every case they can no longer do a ‘quick unpaid work assessment’.

It is therefore important that in cases where a report is likely that it is dealt with as early in the day as possible. This can also be before 10am as a legal adviser can exercise their judicial powers to take a plea and stand the case down for a report to be done.

Also, bear in mind that the legal team can do several things using their judicial powers so it is always worth asking to see if we can reduce your wait.

Youth Custody Cases

October has seen the introduction of an additional Youth Remand court on Tuesdays. This means that the Manchester courthouse now has a youth court sitting every day. It does not however mean that all youth custodies will come to Manchester, if there is a court local to the youth sitting they should still be transported by the police there.

Youth courts sitting within Greater Manchester are on the following days;

Stockport sits on Wednesday,

Tameside sits on Tuesday,

Wigan & Bolton combined Thursday.

Email Addresses

As the staff at Manchester have had an IT upgrade to Windows 10 our email addresses have changed. Previously they ended they now end The beginning remains the same and at present emails sent using the old HMCTS ending are being redirected for a short period. This includes generic inboxes such as GM-ManMcCaseMan.

HMCTS is committed to improving the throughput of work at the Manchester courthouse and we are keen to have your feedback on what you think affects this. We want to know what you think we could do better, what we do well and what we could do more of.

Please email us with your views at [email protected]

Tracy Hankinson                                 Jackie Lowe

Operations Manager                         Deputy Justices’ Clerk