Civil/crime news: LAA Portal upgrade schedule

  • 05/09/2017

A large number of users have now been migrated to the upgraded Portal. The remaining users are scheduled to be migrated in September. You will need to access the new Portal from 11 September 2017.

From 11 September, CCMS, CWA, CCLF, EMI and eForms will only be accessible via the upgraded portal.

We will contact users directly with more information on how to access the upgrade ahead of the roll-out.

As we told you in April, the upgrade will require an IT outage to the Portal and all the applications accessed through it. This will be done during an off-peak period in order to cause minimal disruption.

Once the work has been finalised you should see the following improvements:

  • increased stability
  • quicker log-in times
  • more user-friendly password reset process
  • status bar for all applications, providing up-to-date information on any issues affecting performance

Updating your password

You will need to reset your password once the upgrade has been completed.

It is vital that that you know your password for the current Portal in order to do this.

If you cannot recall your current password you will need to use the ‘Password resets’ link below before 5 September.

If you know your password you will not need reset it this stage.

Further information

Password resets – use this link and select the password reset video from the list of options

Portal upgrade guidance – advice on logging into the new Portal and frequently asked questions

Upgraded Portal password resets – a short video on what to do if you forget your password in the upgraded Portal (video will load automatically).