PSU Charity 400 km bike ride

  • 03/08/2017


The PSU offers support to people facing legal proceedings without legal representation in civil and family courts. In the next 3 years, 50% of people in England and Wales will experience a civil justice problem. In the last 2 years, the number of times we helped people rose by 107%.

Attending court alone is daunting. Those we support are usually unable to access any formal legal help yet need to be able to present their own case clearly – often facing professional barristers in court. When people are in court tackling hugely emotive subjects, including eviction, bankruptcy and access to children, it is easy to see why our service is invaluable.

We have over 550 trained and experienced volunteers who give free, independent assistance to 4,500 clients a month. We operate from 15 court centres across England and Wales.

Our aim is to provide immediate support to everyone who asks. We are determined to do more to help the growing number of litigants in person but we cannot do that without continuous fundraising. Please donate to support our cause and help even more clients’ access justice.

Event details – Tour of Germany – 400km!

Day 1 – Hamburg – Wewelsfleth – approximately 85km Day 2 – Wewelsfleth – Elpersbüttelerdonn – approximately 80km Day 3 – Elpersbüttelerdonn – Sankt Peter-Ording – approximately 80km Day 4 – Sankt Peter-Ording – Dagebull – approximately 100km Day 5 – Dagebull – Tonder – approximately 65km

If anyone would like more information on our challenge, please get in touch with Georgia Griffiths – [email protected] or come and visit us on level 2.

Every little counts so please donate whatever is possible, to help us reach our target of £10,000.

Many thanks for your support!