Solicitor Supervisors needed for vacation scheme

  • 16/06/2017

The University of Law in Manchester are looking for solicitor supervisors for a Vacation Scheme clinic that they are running, in collaboration with the University of Manchester, during the first couple of weeks in July. 

They need qualified solicitors to provide guidance to their students who are interviewing, researching and providing free advice to members of the public.  Many of the cases they currently have arranged are simple consumer contract matters, so lawyers with a specialism in that field would be great.  The appointments are all scheduled for Wednesday 5 July but supervisors would not need to attend.  There would then follow a period of supervision to draft the letter of advice, which would be sent out within 3 weeks (26 July) or earlier if possible.  What they need is:

·         Qualified solicitors (or legal executives)

·         Available around period beginning 4 July to completion (no more than 3 weeks)

·         To communicate with students by email and/or telephone before and after appointment

·         Assist in supervising students researching and drafting letter of advice

·         1 letter (2 students) per supervisor  (estimated time investment: 3 to 4 hours)

·         Letters signed off and insured by University of Law

If you are interested in assisting please respond to [email protected] advising of your area of specialism. 

For further information please contact Mathew Gray, Supervising Solicitor, Pro Bono Coordinator, University of Law, Manchester on 01483 216397