HMCTS IT Infrastructure Project

  • 02/06/2017

The HMCTS IT Infrastructure project has been installing Wi-Fi into Manchester Civil Justice Centre (CJC) and this Wi-Fi will be available for use from Tuesday 06/06/2017.

The Wi-Fi has been installed across the building and will be made available to all those who attend court, subject to their IT being compatible with it.  Litigants in Person and the Public will gain access via different processes called Gov.Wi-Fi so this communication only relates to Professional Court Users. You may see posters around the court inviting people to use the Wi-Fi via Gov.Wi-Fi but please use PCU Wi-Fi as per the attached Registration process

Due to the design of the Wi-Fi solution there is a requirement to pre-register to use the service.  The IT Infrastructure project would like to invite you to do this and registration can commence from Monday 05/06/2017.

QUICK GUIDE to Registration for Civil, Family and Tribunal (CFT) Professional Court Users.  Embedded within this is the full user guide and it is recommended that you read this particularly if you experience any problems with registration or connection, prior to calling the BT Help Desk.

If you already have access to Wi-Fi in crime courts via registration from an existing CJSM account, then you will be able to access the Wi-Fi at Manchester CJC, without the need for further Registration and it will work as it does when you use it in crime courts.  CFT Professional Court Users should not apply for a CJSM account but just need to follow the registration process set out in the attached document.

Important points to note:

  1. This is a an upgrade to the Wi-Fi solution already available in crime court.  Manchester CJC is the first court we are going live at with this solution and it is being regarded as an Early Adopter.  The solution design and access process will not change, testing has been undertaken but when a service is used in live with a wide range of people sometimes problems occur. The initial point of contact for issues relating to connection is the BT Helpdesk. Details are set out in the attached.
  2. Please don’t register before the 5th June as the supporting processes at the BT Service desk may not be in place and your request may get rejected.
  3. Please don’t all register on 5th June but plan to do so from that date, over the following few days.  The registration process is manual and whilst the BT Service Desk team have increased resources to deal with the registration requests, they will have to work through the volumes.  We are expecting that it could take up to 5 days for you to receive your log in and password.
  4. The BT Service Desk will collate management information regarding any calls that they receive and this will inform the project moving forward.
  5. Please do not respond to the court regarding this communication.  Please consult the full User Guide in the first instance, call the BT helpdesk if you have any problems with registration and if you have any feedback on this communication please direct this to the IT Infrastructure Project at [email protected]