Employment Tribunal Fees Review

  • 02/02/2017

As you maybe aware the ET Fees Review was published yesterday https://consult.justice.gov.uk/digital-communications/review-of-fees-in-employment-tribunals The review has made some immediate changes to the claims procedure, which we wanted to draw to your attention.

The review has exempted from fees a small number of claims related to payments made from the National Insurance Fund. This is to take effect immediately so HMCTS has amended guidance on the web-site explaining that no fee is payable for such claims and asking that claims that are fee exempt are submitted by post. Some points that might be helpful to note:

*         If any error occurs and a payment is made for exempted claims, a refund will be made.

*         For any such claims submitted before 31 January, no refund of the issue fee will be given. However, no hearing fee will be charged

For enquires relating to individual claims please contact our Customer Contact Centres on:

England and Wales: 0300 123 1024

Scotland: 0141 354 8574

or this office 0161-833-6100

For more general enquiries, please respond to this email or raise  the matter at the next meeting of the user group.