Know any NW Businesses that need help with #socialmedia?

  • 11/11/2016

Since its creation three years ago, The Juice Academy’s Social Media apprenticeship programme has created over 160 quality jobs for young people in the digital skills sector throughout the North West.

This November, they are now turning attention to giving another pool of people a chance to break into the dynamic digital industry.

Noticing a lack of support offered to graduates, they are offering an alternative – their social media graduate programme (and our budding talent) would love your support.

The graduates are trained in all elements of social media management by industry experts and special guest speakers. This training has been developed by The Juice Academy.  They have packaged all the theoretical knowledge and essential practical stuff graduates need to know about social media into this unique course, including lots of other important bits like professional resilience and time management to be successful in the workplace.

Course Modules:

•    Social Networking Management for a Business

•    Using Collaborative Technologies

•    Principles of Social Media within a Business

•    Using Digital and Social Media in Marketing Campaigns

•    Principles of Social Media Advertising and Promotion

•    Principles of Keywords and Optimisation

•    Principles of Mobile Social Media for Business

•    How to Use Imaging Software and Create Shareable Content

•    Understanding Customer Relationship Management for (creative) Business

Graduates will undertake training with The Juice Academy every 1/2 weeks, which will be held at its Castlefield training center throughout the six month course.

Please click HERE for the Graduation Programme

To find out more information or to book, please click the following link