Converge TS warns law firms about new ransomware threat- Klepto Zepto

  • 11/07/2016

Converge Technology Specialists (Converge TS) are warning law firms of a dangerous new ransomware variant, based on the Locky ransomware, called Klepto Zepto.

The Zepto malware has been carried in nearly 140,000 spam messages sent over four days last week.  The ransomware appears to have Locky’s capabilities which could make it one of the more dangerous encryption lockers in circulation.

Law firms hold a mass of valuable client data and funds, all of which make them a very attractive target for criminals.

The ransomware targets users with a variety of subject lines and with sender profiles such as ‘CEO’ or ‘VP of Sales’ to encourage the user to open the email.  Once opened the emails ask users to look at the requested documentation.  The attachments or links are malicious zip files which when opened will encrypt your data.

Converge TS are reminding law firms to advise their staff of the following:

  1. Do not open unusual attachments, usually in the form of a Word or PDF document from an unknown source
  2. Do not click links on emails from an unknown source
  3. Check the reply address on the email
  4. Do not release emails from SPAM that you are unsure of
  5. If a website appears different, close the site and report it to your support provider

Converge TS are advising firms to review their email protection policies and their email security as a matter of urgency. Converge TS strongly recommend the use of email security services with the correct and required services configured. Converge TS provide Targeted Threat Protection to their clients, which extends traditional security to defend against malicious links in email, weaponised attachments and malware-less social-engineering attacks – the three most common attack methods.

For more recommendations to protect your firm against cyber-attacks please visit the Converge TS website.

If you are interested in finding out how to protect your firm from malicious Ransomware, please contact Converge TS by email [email protected] or call 0345 872 4400.

About Converge Technology Specialists

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