Pure Legal selects cloud technology from Converge TS

  • 23/03/2016

Pure Legal & Pure Claims have selected Converge Technology Specialists to provide a fully managed hosted (cloud) desktop service. Pure Legal & Pure Claims are part of the PURE GROUP, the fast-growing ABS set up by Phil Hodgkinson.

Converge Technology Specialists (Converge TS) will deliver a private Managed Desktop Solution to Pure Legal and Pure Claims providing the growing firm with highly available and reliable systems accessible from any location.  The solution includes Managed Support, Security, System Backups and a comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Service.

Pure Legal was established in April 2015 with the goal of becoming a prominent and significant player within the legal market, and is expanding quickly. As a strategically acquisitive business with a focus on delivering excellent customer service, having a technology platform which offers flexibility and scalability is essential to the company’s growth plans.

PURE Legal CEO, Phil Hodgkinson, said, “As a company that is growing primarily through acquisition, it is essential that we have a solution which is easily scalable, so that our partners can transition quickly and all our clients can receive the same high quality service and recoveries that we have always provided. We recognise that delivering a ‘best in class’ service consistently and longer term, means that we have to align our talent resources with growing demand.  This solution will enable our staff, and partners, to immediately have access to the information they need to best serve our clients”

“Our ethos at Pure is to put our clients first, be that partner law firms or individual claimants. Having reliable systems that can be accessed securely from any location will enable our team to respond to client requests quickly.”

Nigel Wright, Founder and Managing Director of Converge TS said “We’re very delighted to be working with Pure Legal during this crucial period, as they increase in prominence and scale. Their model is ideal for a cloud-based solution and we look forward to working closely with their team in the future.”

About Pure Legal

PURE Legal is a multi-discipline Legal business, created with the intention of working within areas of the law where greed and poor customer care exists, changing approaches and mindsets, and concentrating on the customer rather than the profit. PURE has a collaborative business model, and works with other Law Firms and businesses in a transparent and ethical way. PURE Legal is the exception to the rule.

About Converge Technology Specialists Converge Technology Specialists is the only Cloud computing provider dedicated to UK laws firms. Our hosted and managed IT services are used by innovative law firms to drive productivity, enable flexible working and boost growth.  Customers include Linder Myers Solicitors, Total Conveyancing Services, Pannone Corporate, Olliers Solicitors and O’Neill Patient.