Landmark Information Group supports solicitors in meeting CPR obligations

  • 10/03/2016

With conveyancing solicitors facing new obligations relating to Consumer Protection Regulations (CPR) following the publication of new guidance from the Law Society, Landmark Information Group is providing a solution that ensures solicitors can easily disclose relevant data that could materially affect a buyer�s decision to proceed with a transaction.

The CPRs are designed to protect home-buying consumers by requiring that solicitors disclose any information that could materially affect a buyer�s decision to proceed with or make an informed decision relating to a transaction.� This includes omitting or hiding material information, which may be considered ambiguous, untimely or fails to identify its commercial intent.

Ordering Landmark�s RiskView Residential and PlanSearch Plus bundle, combined with a Local Authority search and a CON29DW with every transaction helps conveyancing solicitors to meet these requirements quickly and easily.� RiskView Residential provides four layers of due diligence in one single report: flood, ground hazards, energy & infrastructure and contaminated land, while PlanSearch Plus delivers headline planning application data, in addition to neighbourhood information such as local school data and amenities.

In addition, Landmark hosts an extensive no-cost CPD programme that is available to solicitors and licensed conveyancers. Increasingly popular are the sessions on how choosing the right searches can help quickly and easily solve challenges, such as those posed by the increasing regulatory obligations faced by the industry.

Confirms Rob Phillipson, Landmark Information Group: �It is the duty of conveyancing solicitors to make reasonable enquiries as to whether any material information exists that could have an impact on a client�s decision making process. To overcome issues relating to this, we can confirm that the contents of our RiskView Residential and PlanSearch Plus reports, combined with the standard Local Authority and Drainage & Water searches deliver thorough due diligence that can be relied upon.� We also provide client care text to help solicitors manage their instruction process and, indeed, the delivery of search results back to their clients. We are here to help throughout the transaction.�

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