The Law Society, Future of Legal Services

  • 01/02/2016

the law society

The Law Society have published their new report on the Future of Legal Services –

The report brings together new and existing evidence to identify the key drivers for change, together with the opportunities and potential threats, in the legal services market over the next five years. The drivers are:

  • Global and national economic business environments;
  • How both private and corporate clients buy legal services;
  • Technological and process innovation;
  • New entrants and types of competition;
  • Wider political agenda.

The report provides context for the future competitive and regulatory environment and is based on evidence the Law Society have collected.

As the government consults on the future of regulation and the market, The Law Society will call for a fair regulatory playing field for all legal services, and for the solicitors’ profession to work to professional standards which it sets for itself.

You can also see the national President’s, Jonathan Smithers, brief video to introduce the report here