Calling all Magistrates Court Fee Earners

  • 15/10/2015






To Greater Manchester Defence Advocates

Via email from the Legal Aid Agency and the Law Society

Dear Defence Advocates

Re: Changes to space within the building at Manchester and Salford Magistrates Court – new advocates room

The nationally led initiative which led to the removal of catering at Manchester and Salford Magistrates Court has left some redundant space within the Courthouse. Whilst there is no funding to radically change the use of these spaces the affected areas are being made good to ensure some practical use can be made of them.

The one area affected on the public side of the building is the space which was formerly the public canteen. Some very simple changes in this area are being made and I am pleased to inform you that when they are complete I am able to offer this space to you as a Defence Advocates Room.

The serving hatch has been removed and the remaining hole is being made good and the wall decorated. Digital locks have been added to the doors to make the area secure and opaque film added to the windows to provide some privacy. The canteen-style furniture has also been removed and will be replaced with a range of more suitable furniture from within the building. I anticipate this room will be ready for your use around the end of October 2015. As soon as it is ready I will be in touch again to confirm the date and the access code.

This space will be a direct alternative to the three small rooms currently in use across the building, two of which will then be made available to the National Probation Service as report-writing rooms, as they too struggle with available space.

There will also be a benefit to the wider court users as I anticipate that the pressure on the interview rooms on the concourse will be somewhat alleviated; by providing a better environment from which you can work privately I would expect that you would restrict your use of the interview rooms to speaking with clients.

Finally, I also hope that this change gives you a better opportunity to make the best use of Professional Court User Wi-Fi. Those who are signed up to use this service will have a better environment in which to use any “down-time” to progress work you may have previously needed to return to the office to do.

I hope this information is useful. If you have any questions please let me know

Yours sincerely

Jayne Jones
Operations Manager