“Best for Managed Print Services – UK” – Docutech Office Solutions

  • 13/10/2015

Manchester Law Society are proud to announce the news that Docutech Office Solutions, one of our MLS Advantage members has won an award for “Best for Managed Print Services – UK”

Docutech Office Solutions are delighted to announce our recent recognition from the European Corporate Excellence Awards 2105 – Best for Managed Print Services

About ECEA 2015:

The European Corporate Awards have been put in place to reward those whose industry-leading expertise, sector leading results and tireless commitment to world beating customer service have seen them surge to the front of the UK and European pack.

The dedicated awards team undertake a huge amount of research, leaving no stone unturned to ensure that these awards are only allocated to the professionals that truly deserve them. The awards are based 100% on merit and are a reflection of those in European business arena.

We are Very Very Proud !!!


This award returns the value and hard work shown by Docutech Office Solutions and its staff over the past few years. While our industry keeps evolving and our customers’ needs are ever changing this award recognises how Docutech Office Solutions approach and work with its customers to implement and managed the best platform for productivity and cost effective operations with their organisations. Docutech Office Solutions are committed to applying the very best processes and strategic approach with its clients and this aligned with its CSR partnership, Docutech are ready.