Workshop for Criminal Law Firms- Crime Drives Technology Forward

  • 12/06/2015

Charging rates as low as £30 per hour, criminal defence lawyers (especially publicly funded criminal defence lawyers) have to make every second count. For this to happen, the processes underpinning the recording of time and the filling in of Attendance Notes should be super slick.

It is for this reason that DPS have launched iAttend, their new mobile application for criminal practitioners. Having worked with criminal practices since this market was profitable, DPS understand the challenges that the profession faces nowadays. The new contract that comes in September 2015 is just one of them.

This workshop will offer answers to the efficiency needs of firms trying to make the new crime contract actually pay. Attend this event on the 8th July to explore different ways of bringing more savings in time and effort to your practice with the help of technology.

Live demonstrations of iAttend will be given throughout the day. The demonstrations are free and there is no obligation implied by attending.  

Please register and select a convenient time slot here