Change of name for ML Solutions4U Ltd

  • 30/03/2015





MLS Advantage member ML Solutions4U Ltd is re-branding and has now changed its name to E-learning for Professionals Ltd.

The company’s on line anti-money laundering training service has proved so popular with regulated organisations that additional compliance courses covering topics such as bribery, data protection, equality & diversity, code of conduct are now being developed. The unique training and management platform allows firms to provide quality training to their staff at a fraction of the cost of other conventional forms of training.

Chief Executive Bill Jones commented “I am delighted with the success of the ML Solutions product. The name change was necessary because the training now being offered extends beyond that relating to money laundering compliance and the old name did not reflect the broader training services that will soon be available”

To discuss any requirements you may have please contact Bill Jones on 0161 828 1937 or email [email protected]