Can You Sing Manchester raises over £50,000!

  • 10/10/2014

How could I say no when I was asked to participate in Can You Sing? Manchester.  Not only would I be singing a duet with the wonderful John Ashcroft, Chief Executive of pro.manchester but we would be raising money for two wonderful charities. I have supported Francis House since it very first opened and Macmillan supported me and my family when my mum was poorly and sadly passed away after suffering with breast cancer seven years. It was a no brainer really even though I was really nervous!

The whole event was brilliantly organised by pro.manchester and mylda although they did leave the blue m&m’s in the sweetie dish in our “dressing room – really the back stairs” at Revolucion de Cuba –  even though we had requested them to be removed in our list of demands!!!

The highlights of the night are so many – the buzz in the room, all the people that came along, the other amazing acts – Craig’s red cod piece, James’s bootylicious, Steve’s Freddie Mercury, the man band’s dance moves, the judges comments, the camaraderie of the day, the amazing support I received from friends, colleagues and family but most importantly the fantastic amount we all raised – over £51,000 so far. It made the terrible nerves, really sore throat and realisation that Manchester I can’t really sing all worthwhile!

Fran Eccles-Bech
Chief Executive
Manchester Law Society

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