Do you know who you are really hiring? HireRight explains the importance of background screening

  • 26/08/2014


The UK media has widely reported the case of Thomas O’Riordan, a high-flying lawyer suspended last year after it was uncovered that his glittering CV was filled with lies, including claiming five degrees he had not been awarded.


The exaggeration and falsification of his academic and professional qualifications went unchallenged for years by a number of separate employers and were only uncovered when Mr O’Riordan used his fabricated CV to apply for a new job.


This high-profile case serves as an important reminder for the need for thorough background screening as part of your candidate and employee due diligence.


Our recent figures showed that more than half (52%) of successful job applications contained some form of error or discrepancy, most frequently relating to education or employment history. However almost a third (32%) were found in professional qualifications and memberships, proving this area to be particularly vulnerable to lies and embellishments.


In today’s business world maintaining trust while protecting your company from financial, reputational and security risk is essential. Background screening is a simple yet effective measure that has been proven as an important part of the recruitment process. From a straightforward verification of the details provided by a candidate, to a deeper background review required for more senior management roles, our services help organisations make informed choices and smarter hiring decisions.


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