ETSOS – Making the case for efficiency

  • 12/06/2014

ETSOS Logo square - EPS formatMaking the case for efficiency

 The modern law firm continues to face many challenges in 2014 with increasing regulatory responsibilities, competition and ever more demanding clients who expect more for less. The good news is there are practical, proven ways and means of improving law efficiency, positively impacting on client care and profitability. 

Firms may be looking internally at their process-driven legal services, such as conveyancing, wills and probate or RTA work, to ensure they are taking advantage of the tools and technology available to them. 

With law firms inundated with the availability of business support and IT services, it is difficult to decide who to choose as your business partner. Manchester Law Society is on hand to point its member firms in the right direction with a range of providers specially selected for their expertise in the legal sector. MLS Advantage brings to Manchester Law Society members exclusive deals on a range of IT and business efficiency products and services from knowledgeable and trusted suppliers. 

Between them the MLS Advantage partners have notched up an impressive array of industry endorsements, commendations and awards with enviable reputations in their respective fields. 

Phil Natusch, managing director of the one-click property portal ETSOS says: “We are seeing progressive firms utilise technology and business support services to improve efficiency in areas such as procurement, business development and compliance. 

Take conveyancing as an example where the financial constraints of fixed fee structures place a greater emphasis on selecting partners, like ETSOS, who understand the issues and can deliver a comprehensive, added-value solution to firms. Our core business is the competitive supply of conveyancing searches, but the ordering platform we provide also aids with compliance and enquiry conversion. The range of solutions the MLS Advantage partners bring to firms is fantastic.”

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