Request for Volunteer Tribunal Representatives

  • 05/11/2013

Some of you will be familiar with the Pension Appeals Tribunal (full title – First-tier tribunal (War Pensions & Armed Forces Compensation Chamber), of which I am a judge, and which hears appeals by servicing and former service personnel against decisions made by the Secretary of State for Defence denying an award or pension on account of an injury caused or made worse by service, or appeals challenging the level of that award or pension.

This is (despite its complex-sounding name) a very interesting tribunal which deals with an important and fascinating area of work, involving people who have chosen to put themselves in what is often very serious danger for the benefit of their country. I have dealt with appellants with all sorts of injuries, varying from Mesothelioma (e.g. National Service Navy personnel) to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (especially Afghanistan and Iraq veterans), as well as many historic cases (e.g. bagpipers shot on the Normandy Beaches, Far East POWs on the Burma railway and even Battle of Britain veterans or their widows) and sensitive cases (e.g. victims of Porton Down and leukaemia-suffering victims of the atomic bomb tests near Christmas Island).

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 Request for Volunteer Tribunal Representatives (05 11 2013)

For further information and details of the appropriate contacts within the Royal British Legion, please email [email protected].