• 21/03/2013

The Campaign to save the Legal Industry has launched a Job Loss Counter to highlight the daily job losses.

Tens of thousands of support staff, secretaries and administrative staff are set to lose their jobs as the effect of the justice reforms bites.

Martin Coyne, managing partner at Ralli Solicitors who is heading up the campaign said,

“From personal experience in my firm alone we have had to make redundancies and everyday colleagues of mine, in other businesses across the legal industry, tell me of the job losses they are having to make; thousands of people across the UK are being forced into unemployment.”

“We have launched this Job Loss Counter so the government and the Law Society can see the direct effect they are having on people in the legal industry. If we were a car manufacturer the government would step in to protect jobs but not, it seems, in the legal industry. The Law Society has woefully let its members down by not fighting to protect jobs in an industry recognised around the world as the finest.”

“The effect on small law firms and those who work within it will be catastrophic, so each day when people look at the job losses I hope the government and M.P.s will remember that these will be their constituents who will blame them at the next election for ignoring them.”

The Job Loss Counter will gather information from managing partners at law firms and companies who support the legal industry.

The Job Loss Counter starting total, as of 20th March, is 2483 job losses. 

A petition calling on the Government to stop any further changes to the legal industry and protect jobs can found at the following link:  Petition to protect the legal industry and its jobs