Notice to all staff, judiciary and court users from Manchester Civil Justice Centre.

  • 27/02/2013

Following consultation with the judiciary and some of our court users, Manchester Civil Justice is making changes to the way in which High Court business is processed at the court. It is expected that the changes will improve the service to our customers. 

From Monday, 29th October, 2012 the following changes will occur:-

All Chancery and Insolvency process including listing will be dealt with by one group of staff.  This team will be led by Julie Bagnall who has previous experience of Chancery business, having previously undertaken the role of Specialist Listing Officer.  The other members of the team are as follows:- Fouzia Ahmed-Mann; Claire Galvin; Nicola Grumbridge; Sheona Miles; Jenny Panter; Candice Stone; Barry Warburton.

All Administrative Court, Mercantile, TCC and QB process will be dealt with by a separate team.  This team will be led by Rose Shaw, who presently has responsibility for the Administrative court and HCJ’s listing and has previous experience of TCC and Mercantile business.  The other members of the team are as follows:- Katy Davison; Ged Kelly; Joe Mawson; Isobel Rich; Tony Standen; Les Winstanley.

Chancery & Insolvency staff can be contacted as follows:-

Chancery and Insolvency Main Number: 0161 240 5307
Listing:  0161 240 5223/5224
Insolvency:  0161 240 5228/5229
Chancery:  0161 240 5223/5224/5225/5226/5227
Fax Number:  0161 240 5398
Email Address [email protected] 

Administrative Court, TCC and Mercantile staff can be contacted as follows:-

Mercantile, TCC and QB Main Number: 016 240 5305
TCC: Email: 0161 240 5309[email protected]




0161 240 5312[email protected]


Queens Bench:Email:


0161 240 5321/5308 

[email protected]

Administrative Court:Email: 0161 240 5313[email protected]                                       or


Fax Number 0161 240 5315

 Notice from Manchester Civil Justice Centre