MASS response to AVIVA Report

  • 19/02/2013

“AVIVA have identified parts of the problem but not come to the right solution. Claimants must have access to independent legal advice,” says Craig Budsworth, Chair of the Motor Accident Solicitors Society (MASS).

“MASS agrees with many of the issues and findings highlighted in AVIVA’s release “CAR INSURANCE PREMIUMS COULD FALL BY £1.5BN IF INSURERS HANDLE CLAIMS DIRECTLY.”  Premiums are too high and fraudulent whiplash claims are having a negative impact on hard hit motorists.”

“We must not forget the needs and rights of the innocent accident victims. The ABI estimate that 7% of claims are fraudulent. It is vital that whatever reforms may be made to the system, the 93% of innocent claimants are not prevented from seeking justice and compensation for their injuries.”

“There is opportunity for fraud in the system and MASS agrees with AVIVA that CMCs must be more heavily regulated and also that no claimant should receive any compensation without a fully independent medical – no medical, no damages.”

“We must not have a system where claimants have to deal directly with insurers whose priority will be to keep their own costs down. This would restrict access to the independent legal advice essential to insuring that genuine accident victims receive the compensation they deserve.”

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