Allocation of Cases to Levels of Judiciary (Amended)

  • 09/03/2011




Under paragraph 14.1 of Practice Direction 2B, the following arrangements have been made by me in Manchester in relation to case management and interim applications.


Upon allocation to track, claims in the categories of case set out below will be assigned to one of the judges specified. Whilst the court will make every effort to adhere to these arrangements, there is also a responsibility on practitioners to assist e.g. by drawing specific attention to the fact that there is a nominated judge when filing an application.


Clinical Negligence                 District Judges Haigh, Harrison, Stonier, and Wheeler


Mesothelioma,                        District Judge Iyer


Other Industrial Disease/         District Judges Harrison, Iyer and Wheeler

Stress At Work


Equality Act                            District Judges Harrison, Matharu, Obodai, and Stonier


Chancery                                District Judges Khan, Matharu, Obodai, Richmond and Smith


Bullying/Sexual Abuse             District Judges Fairclough and Stephens


Housing involving a difficult      District Judges Hovington and Smith

issue of law


Defamation                             District Judges Obodai and Richmond


Malicious Prosecution/            Judges Holman, Armitage QC and Platts

False Imprisonment (where

a jury trial is sought)


In any other type of claim, if more than one case management conference is necessary, the claim will be assigned to the District Judge conducting the first of such conferences, unless he or she directs otherwise.


The fact that a claim has been assigned to a particular judge does not prevent, if the circumstances require, (a) the matter being referred to a High Court or Circuit Judge, or (b) another District Judge or Deputy District Judge dealing with the matter.


This direction replaces all previous directions and takes effect from 1 April 2011.



His Honour Judge Richard Holman

Designated Civil Judge, Manchester