• 29/12/2010



Today, the outcome of the consultation on the provision of court services across England and Wales was announced to parliament.  Decisions were taken based on the principles set out in the national estates strategy and reflected the evidence and information gathered during the consultation period, including the views of consultees.


In the North West the courts to be closed are:


Magistrates’ courts:

Northwich Magistrates’ Court; Southport Magistrates’ Court: Knowsley Magistrates’ Court; Whitehaven Magistrates’ Court; Penrith Magistrates’ Court; Rawtenstall Magistrates’ Court; City of Salford Magistrates’ Court; Rochdale, Middleton and Heywood Magistrates’ Court.


County courts;

Northwich County Court; Southport County Court; Penrith County Court; Runcorn County Court; Whitehaven County Court (to be relocated to Workington Magistrates’ Court); Rawtenstall County Court; Chorley County Court; Salford County Court.


Bury County Court was also consulted on for closure.  After careful consideration, the Lord Chancellor’s decision is to retain this court.


Following consideration of the response to the consultation, the Lord Chancellor’s decision encompasses some changes to the original proposals for redistribution of the work from courts in Southport, Northwich and Rawtenstall.


The decision has also been taken to reduce the counter service at Kendal County Court and to remove payment facilities from counters in Greater Manchester and Lancashire magistrates’ courts.


For full information and the rationale across all HMCS Areas, please refer to the response documents on the Ministry of Justice website







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