Costs Guidelines 2010

  • 23/04/2010

Revised guideline rates have been approved nationally with effect from 1 April 2010.

The classification of the 4 grades of fee earner remains unchanged.

Grade A:         Solicitors with over 8 years post qualification experience with at least 8 years litigation experience

Grade B:         Solicitors and legal executives with over 4 years post qualification experience including at least 4 years litigation experience

Grade C:         Other solicitors and legal executives and fee earners of equivalent experience

Grade D:         Trainee solicitors, paralegals and fee earners of equivalent experience

“Legal executive” means a fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives

The guidelines are again in Bands. Manchester is in National One.

The other courts in the Manchester Group are in National Two.

The guideline hourly rates are:

Band One                    Band Two

Grade A          £217                            £201

Grade B:         £192                            £177

Grade C:         £161                            £146

Grade D:         £118                            £111

These figures continue to be guidelines only. Higher or lower figures may be allowed,

depending on the circumstances. Subject to the discretion of the judge, a solicitor conducting a case in Manchester but practising within the jurisdiction of another court within the Group will normally be expected to use Band Two. Regard will also be had to the appropriate grade of fee earner for the work involved, irrespective of whether the person who has undertaken the work falls into that grade.

His Honour Judge Richard Holman
Designated Civil Judge, Manchester