Our history through the years

Manchester Law Society was originally formed in 1838 and was known as the Manchester Law Association.  By 1871 the Association was flourishing with 107 members and was incorprated (under the Companies Act o 1892), chaging its name to Manchester Law Society in 1910.

In 2021 the Society celebrated 150 year anniversary of its incorporation and we ran a number of articles in our monthly maazine, The Messener, looking at our history, the development of the profession and the evolution of Manchester itself.

To find out more about the Society over the years see the articles below.

Beginning of the 19th Century

1900 – 1930 and the introduction of the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919

1930 – 1939 and the Poor Man’s Lawyer Association

1940 – 1949 and the war

1950 – 1959 and recovery from the war and Queen Elizabeth’s coronation

1960 – 1969 and the formation of Manchester Young Solicitors Group

1970 – 1979 and the first female Council member of the Society

1980 – 1989 and the first female President of the Society

1990 – 1999 and The Strangeways Riots