We are always looking for new ways to improve our offering and support to our members and we are delighted to now provide a community app.

The app will provide a safe space to share your news, ask questions, give advice and build networks within the Manchester legal community and beyond.

What is the app for?

Networking and Collaboration
Providing the ultimate platform for members to connect, share, and learn from each other the app offers exclusive access to a variety of features, including:
Engaging Content: Stay informed with legal updates, articles, and insights.
Professional Contacts: Connect with fellow lawyers, legal professionals, and experts.
News and Events: Get real-time updates on legal events, seminars, and workshops.
Deals and Offers: Access special discounts and offers for Manchester Law Society Members.

Role-Based Groups and Specialities
Members can join groups based on their roles (e.g., solicitors, barristers) and areas of expertise (e.g., family law, corporate law).
Tailored content and discussions relevant to their practice areas.

Secure Messaging
Connect with colleagues securely within the app.
Discuss best practice, seek advice, and collaborate on legal matters

Celebrating Achievements
Members can support and celebrate each other’s professional milestones.
Recognise outstanding contributions within the legal community. 

Non-Member Features
Non-members can access information on legal advice and use the ‘Lawyer Locator’ to find a suitable law firm.
Enhances accessibility and outreach to the wider legal community.

Why did we decide to develop an app?

Our decision to develop and launch an app demonstrates our commitment to staying dynamic, forward thinking and innovative. Some of the reasons for building the App were:

Adaptation to Digital Trends: The legal industry is evolving, and technology plays a crucial role. By introducing the app, the Society recognizes the importance of digital connectivity for legal professionals.

Efficient Communication: The app streamlines communication among members. Lawyers can now interact seamlessly, share knowledge, and seek advice without traditional barriers.

Enhanced Member Experience: The app personalizes the member experience by tailoring content and features. It’s a one-stop platform for legal professionals, making their journey with the Society more convenient.

Cost-Effective Engagement: The app reduces administrative costs associated with traditional communication methods. Members can access resources, events, and updates without additional expenses.

Community Building: The app fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among legal practitioners. It’s a space where lawyers can collaborate, learn, and celebrate achievements together.

Let us know what you think

We really feel that the app is a testament to our commitment to innovation, member engagement, and staying at the forefront of legal practice.

So why not download the app, explore its features, and be part of this progressive legal community.


As always any feedback or constructive comments would be welcome. Feel free to email me with your views at [email protected]