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LEGAL NEWS – up-to-date legal news and court judgments for your website and smartphone

Legal RSS provides uniquely created, timely, well-written news on the latest court judgments.

This can be used on your website and will ensure that your news section is up to date, current, and topical. In engaging with existing and prospective clients this will help your firm maintain and enhance its reputation as being expert in its field, plain-talking, on the ball and client-centred – key attributes for driving practice growth and profitability.

This will also help you keep your website up to date with articles designed to drive in instructions and client acquisition.

We cover over 60 different areas of the law, and our service can be seamlessly fed onto your website, or you can personalise each article with your own comment and key fee earner contacts.

Legal RSS also provides a smartphone app which you can download for free to keep up to date whilst on the move, and we can also provide a bespoke firm version of our app.

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