Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is a great way to involve your whole firm in Manchester Law Society. When you take out the Corporate membership all the firm’s Fee Earners, including Partners, Solicitors, Trainees etc. at your Manchester office become members and are able to access all the benefits of membership including being able to publish articles in the Messenger on the firm’s activities. 

The price of your corporate membership is based on the number of fee earners in your Manchester office, please see the bands and prices below.

Number of fee earnersCorporate Subscription per year
3 to 5£228.00 + VAT
6 to 10£336.00 + VAT
11 to 15£451.00 + VAT
16 to 20£561.00 + VAT
21 to 50£1049.00 + VAT
51 to 80£1574.00 + VAT
81+£2099.00 + VAT

All Corporate Member Firms are also invited to nominate an Ambassador who will act as a conduit of information between the firm and the Society, making sure your voices are heard. 

For further information, please email [email protected]