History of Manchester Law Society

The Manchester Law Society is one of the oldest and most respected legal groups in Britain.

It was founded in 1838 by sixteen solicitors who met in the Manchester Law Library t establish a professional association that would promote the respectability, fairness and interests of the legal profession in the region

The Society was originally called the Manchester Law Association and its members paid a life membership of ten guineas.

The Society was very active in resisting the attempts of centralisation by London and in 1845 it hosted the first meeting oif the provincial Law Association which represented the interests o the solicitors outside the capital.  

In 1910 the Society formally adopted its current name and also affiliated with several neighbouring but smaller societies.

The Society continued to grow and influence the legal landscaope of Manchester and beyond.

Today the Society has over 4,100 members, including solicitors, fee earners and barristers and offers a rangw of benefits and services such as training, social events and lobbying.

The Society’s mission is to support and represent its members and promote the interests and vlaues of the the legal profession in Manchester and beyond.

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